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Essential Oils 101

Hey friends!

I'm glad to know that you're interested in learning more about essential oils! I mean, they are everywhere these days and for good reason! But.......aren't they just a fad? Nope--they're centuries old. Some kind of snake oil hoodoo? My #1 piece of advice is to try them for yourself and find out...

My oily story...they say your home is your sanctuary--the place where your mind, body and soul find refuge after taking on the world every day. When Matt, Colty and I moved from our 60-yr old starter home, which can best be described as a drafty, musty allergy pit, to our brand spankin' new house in 2014, we felt like we'd hit the new house jackpot. New carpet! New drywall! The week we moved in also coincided with the news that we were expecting twins and it just felt like the perfect home for our little growing family.........until 3 months later when we discovered a massive leak and ensuing mold infestation under our entire kitchen--floors, cabinets and drywall. After a thorough hazmat cleaning, numerous air quality tests and a full kitchen remodel, we were finally able to relax again. But the lustre had worn off and our new home just didn't feel quite as safe anymore. I was determined to cleanse our space and get clean air flowing again.

Enter: countless Google searches about hidden indoor pollutants and how to exorcize them. I was floored when I read that the top household air quality offenders were actually the products we were using every single day--dryer sheets, candles (just google candles baby nose), scented plug-ins, chemical cleaners, cosmetics. Armed with this information, the mama bear in me went on the war path and that's when I discovered Young Living and the marvelous world of essential oils. Like many others, essential oils became a bridge to healthier, toxin-free living for my family. Yall, it was like my eyes were opened and my whole understanding of "clean living" was turned upside down! The best part about oils is that they're not intimidating or super expensive. Anyone can learn to incorporate essential oils into their lifestyle!


I jumped in with both feet and bought Young Living's premium starter kit which set me up with a pretty diffuser and 11 of their most popular oils. I've been diffusing in our kitchen and bedrooms ever since. I could go on and on about Young Living's extensive collection of oils and awesome lifestyle products (Thieves household cleaner, protein powder, baby wipes, cosmetics, supplements) but I will simply say this: oils have changed my life for the better. Over the last 4 years I've just become more aware of what I'm putting in and on by body, and swapped out toxic products for safer options offered by Young Living and other awesome toxin-free lines with instant results (Can I get an Amen for the 4pm witching hour Stress Away diffuser blend?!) My #1 fave product has to be their Thieves household cleaning spray....yall, I can spray that stuff from sink to toilet without holding my nose and shooing my littles out of the room for fear they'll inhale toxic fumes--I seriously used to clean with my shirt pulled up over my nose. Now my girls fight over who gets to spray the floor while I mop, it's a win-win!

Let's talk a little bit about toxic overload. Did you know that the average American woman applies 80 TOXIC chemicals to her body before breakfast? 300 by the end of the day? The nasty hidden chemicals are carcinogens, hormone distruptors, lung irritants and genetic mutators...ie: they make you sick. With a family history of 3 cancers the big C is always lurking in the back of my mind. Did you also know that only 5% of cancer diagnoses in the US are genetically derived? That means 95% of cancers are attributed to environment and lifestyle. Pretty scary statistics but I choose to look at it this way: it's never too late to make the switch and kick toxic chemicals to the curb.

Interested in learning more about Young Living oils?

1) Watch this awesome video:

Sarah Harnisch: Essential Oils 101

2) Contact me if you are intrigued and you'd LOVE to meet up/phone chat to learn more!

3) Take charge of your wellness and remember, baby steps ;)

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If you are new to the world of essential oils, here's the 411...

-Essential oils (EOs) are not actually oily (like olive or coconut oil). They're volatile which means they evaporate quickly from the skin unless combined with a "carrier" oil such as coconut or sweet almond.

-EOs are the purest life blood of a plant and can be extracted through steam distillation or cold pressing (think citrus peels being pressed by 1,000 lb weights until liquid squeezes out--that's the essential oil)

-EOs are not new--humans have been using them for their amazing health benefits since ancient times! There are over 100 references to essential oils in the Bible. How amazing is to think that God created every plant for a special purpose and then handed them over to us?!

-3 ways to use EOs: vaporizing with water in a diffuser, applying them topically (bottoms of feet to target reflex points, dabbing on your temples, rolling along the spine, etc) and taking internally (on/under tongue, a few drops in your water--especially any citrus!, or ingested via empty capsules).

-Other uses for EOs: Literally endless! Unwinding, de-stressing, meditation/prayer time, de-greasing pans, polishing wood furniture, jazzing up unscented dishwasher tabs, DIY hand soap and laundry detergent, deodorizing your diaper pail and trashcans, replacing toxic candles and scented plug-ins, enhancing cosmetics--lavender in your mascara, frankincense in your moisturizer for balanced skin, DIY natural mosquito repellent (!!!!!!), etc. I literally use them everyday and yall, it's EASY.

Why I absolutely love, trust and will never use anything but Young Living Essential Oils...

-Their oils are pure, undiluted and as organic as they come! Oils you see even at health food stores and online are highly diluted and ergo not "pure." Young Living has the highest standard of quality and integrity in the world of essential oils!

-They own their own farms--2 in the US, others worldwide where certain plants must grow naturally. They plant quality seeds, only treat and weed by hand (absolutely no icky pesticides), and do all their harvesting and distilling themselves. Young Living was started over 20 years ago by Gary and Mary Young and it is still run like a family but with incredible state of the art technology!

-Young Living Essential Oils are only available for purchase through their website or from distributors--AND they offer their members wholesale pricing (24% off retail!!!)

-It's super easy and hassle-free to become a wholesale member/distributor. When you purchase the Premium Starter Kit ($160 for $340 retail value--definitely best bang for your buck) you start off on the right foot with a diffuser (retail $64), lots of samples (for sharing once you become obsessed like me and can't help but to share your oily love with everyone) + 11 of their most popular Everyday Oils! Y'all this starter kit is good stuff!


The 11 oils included in the Premium Starter Kit are...

Lemon (I drink a drop in my water everyday to keep my body more alkaline--cancer hates alkaline)

Lavender (the "Swiss army knife of oils," rub on scars; amazing for restless kids at bedtime!)

Peppermint (the clencher for most people--this stuff is no joke, breathe in for a fresh, uplifting jolt!)

Frankincense (another fave, very lengthy harvest process, only found in Oman, Africa, spiritual enhancer, skin wonder oil; anticancer oil)

Tea tree (amazing for oily prone skin--antibacterial, antifungal)

Thieves (smells like clove + cinnamon + eucalyptus--my all-time fave YL signature blend! Disinfects all surfaces, cleans the air; #1 most popular oil) 

Stress Away (think lime and vanilla: my fave for relaxing and bedtime...can you say instant vacay?)

PanAway (smells minty, soothes muscles)

Purification (reminds me of citronella; funk deodorizer--a few drops on a cotton ball and placed in air vents, diaper pail, trash cans: I love adding a few drops to wool dryer balls in place of dryer sheets)

Copaiba (add to hot water and sip for relaxation; add to every diffusing or topical blend to enhance)

 Get started today :)