Little Ones

Meet Taylor!

My grandparents gave me a Polaroid for Christmas when I was 10 and unknowingly started me on this journey of doing what I love. For as long as I can remember, photography has always been that thing I gravitate towards when I'm free to just be. Everywhere I go, my mind is constantly taking everything in, seeing the world around me as something worth documenting. Whether I'm covering a long-anticipated wedding, your little one's first birthday party or a last-minute family shindig, I really just love being a part of it all! I thank God every day that I get to be a mommy to my 3 little wild things and do work that fulfills me. The extra blessing is making friends along the way!


Please reach out so we can set up your next photo session! I look forward to hearing from you soon :)




ps. I'm a sucker for random facts...here are a few to help you get to know me better!


name: Taylor Moore Wansley Stading (we Southern girls like to include all our names)

fam: hubby--Matt, son--Colton (7 3/4...because every month counts), twin girls--Savannah & Caroline (4 1/2)

hometown: High Point, NC (furniture capital of the world, yall! Also home of the best BBQ around)

current home: Waxhaw, NC (a little slice of heaven)

alma mater: UNC Chapel Hill where I majored in Southern Studies (Yes, this is a real major. And yes, of course I use it every single day, Mom and Dad :)

favorite scent: anything in the garden, especially magnolias because they remind me of my Grammy

favorite candy: dark choc and sour punch straws

favorite music: contemporary Christian, country, bluegrass, beach, old hymns

if I could teleport anywhere in the world, it would be: Florence, Italy!!!!!!!!!

hobbies: reading, baking, listening to ghost story podcasts, Googling any and every curiosity that comes to mind--what did I even do with myself before Google?!